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The Greats

All Imaginations Present: THE GREATS - Poets who was Involved in Establish Era of Modernism or Creating Their Poems in this Era


The Greats


The Greats

  • Alexander Blok
  • Emily Dickinson
  • Frederico Garcia Lorca
  • Georg Trakl
  • Giuseppe Ungaretti
  • Joaqim Maria Machado De Assis
  • Juan Ramon Jimenez
  • Sergei Yesenin
  • Stephane Mallarme
  • Sylivia Plath
  • Thomas Stern Eliot
  • Walt Whitman
Alexander Blok1 Emily Dickinson2 Frederico Garcia Lorca3 Georg Trakl4 Giuseppe Ungaretti5 Joaqim Maria Machado De Assis6 Juan Ramon Jimenez7 Sergei Yesenin8 Stephane Mallarme9 Sylivia Plath10 Thomas Stern Eliot11 Walt Whitman12





In today's postmodernist times, poetry has fallen by the wayside. The number of critics and theorists of poetry is shrinking. What you see on the internet is of such variation in quality that it is very difficult to distinguish between amateurism and professionalism. Therefore, we have decided to introduce significant poets of the pre-modernist era, poets whose work influenced the creation of the modernist era, and poets who initiated the more ambiguous postmodern era. Many would say that poetry in the world of new technology, especially the internet, is "dead" and that "there is no future."

Our mission is to prove the opposite. Poetry can be very alive, exciting and interesting with new technology.  Our focus is on the internet.  All our work is voluntary because we strongly believe in this goal. Because of our dedication to this project, we are absorbing all expenses for creating an album with an article on each poet, collecting information on their life history, photographs and works.  All albums on the poets are non-commercial.  We do not publish advertisements on the web pages of these albums.

Our team is comprised of young web designers, web strategists, and experienced poets and critics of poetry through new technology.  We give young, eager and talented web designers an opportunity to gain experience and recognition for their work.

We are not asking for donations for this project.  Instead we are asking for you to submit the following:

-articles on particular poets including a short biography and a synopsis of their work as well as translations of ten of their poems in English or Serbian.  Also, we would appreciate having the content of the poems in the native language of the poet;

-photographs of poets, sections of their manuscripts written in the original form and photographs of the manuscripts.  We intend to create an interesting album for each poet.

Importantly, the content of the article for the album (excluding the content of the poems) does not need to be written for the loyal poetry reader.  The loyal reader has already read and continues to read poetry and essays on poetry and authors.  Instead the content of the article should be written for the internet “surfer.” A surfer is not like the loyal poetry reader.  The surfer is impatient, has a low attention span and is looking for the intrigue of shorter and more specific articles.  Further, the surfer is discouraged by excessive verbiage and easily leaves a long and tedious web page and goes on surfing. Of course, the biography and works of some poets cannot be short.  In our opinion, a surfer will not read more than two pages of a web article. Our goal is to gain and maintain the surfer by the use of new technology, new design and frequent redesign. In other words, we use the surfer's own tools for gaining and maintaining his attention.

Our mission is clearly not to win over those who already love and regularly read poetry, but our aim is to win over the surfer as a poetry lover and to encourage and convert him to become a loyal reader. We are aware that this approach may cause resistance by a connoisseur of poetry.  We are willing to take this risk.  To the point, The Greats Project, our collection of albums on the poets with articles and photographs, is not intended for the poetic intellectual but for the surfer.  As a team, we have combined our financial resources and have bought some excellent new generation software. This state-of-the-art software will be very advantageous in making the web pages visually interesting, exciting and intriguing.  By using the latest technology, we intend to win over the surfer to become a loyal reader as our basic goal. We are ready to significantly expand the list of poets who have already been chosen by us. However this expansion requires your much-needed submission of articles and photographs of other poets.